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"2020 VISION"

"2020 VISION"


"2020 Vision" is a capital fundraising campaign of Regency Park Baptist Church, created to provide the financial resources to enable Regency Park Baptist Church to engage in "Great Commission ministries" in the future. To restate this a little differently, ‘2020 Vision’ is about having the faith to give to the vision that God has revealed to us, so we can be the church He wants us to be in 2020.


God has blessed the contributions given to the "2020 Vision," and through those contributions, we have been able to purchase 2 vans, a trailer, new chairs for the fellowship hall and youth room, install new floor tile throughout the education building, make cosmetic repairs to our facilities, plant new trees and rock the islands in the parking lot, new sound system, projectors, phone system, and an electronic sign in front of our building.

The focus of our ‘2020 Vision’ has turned to build a new education/fellowship building that will attach to the SW corner of our main building. Plans have been drawn and a fly-through video has been produced to provide a glimpse of the vision that God has for Regency Park Baptist Church.

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